Platform housing specific API-fetched articles.

Microcaps provides timely news or updates and insights on the Microcap Stocks world to help investors.

* Website was built as co-op team project.

Technologies Used

WordPress SASS


Our objective is to create a comprehensive website that serves as a hub for news and updates regarding a curated list of companies. Additionally, we aim to publish essential content such as interviews, events, custom landing pages, and more, all with fully customizable fields for streamlined content management.


WordPress was our preferred choice due to its robust custom post types system, allowing seamless categorization of various content types. By leveraging API integration and cronjobs, we automated content retrieval for each post type, while also ensuring simple management of other content formats.


The result is a dynamic and efficient website that excels in categorizing diverse content types using WordPress’s custom post types system. With automated content retrieval through API integration and cronjobs, combined with streamlined management capabilities, the website offers a seamless user experience and optimal content organization.


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