Microcap Websites for Various Companies and Event-based Websites

Most of this projects are corporate microcap websites that focus on attracting investors by introducing themselves, presenting their offerings, and emphasizing the advantages of investing in them as a promising opportunity.

* Some websites were built as co-op team project.

Sequire Investor Summit
Puerto Rico

Event Agenda  |  Sequire Investor Summit Puerto Rico

Item 9 Labs Corp.

Fearless Films

GeoSolar Technologies

Gemxx Corp

Onassis Holdings Corp

MHHC Enterprises Inc

Smart Rx Systems

Technologies Used

Vue.js SASS


The objective was to create a UX/UI designed website using our own pre-made codebase in Vue.js. We established SASS standards, variables, and breakpoints, ensuring a semantic structure throughout the project.


By harnessing the power of a prominent JavaScript framework, we opted for Vue.js as the foundation of our codebase, unlocking limitless possibilities for seamless integrations. Additionally, we incorporated our custom animation library, designed to enhance users’ experience through captivating scroll-based interactions.


We successfully achieved our goal of delivering a dynamic and captivating website that exceeded expectations. Furthermore, I am continually enhancing the basecode by incorporating the latest technology and introducing new features. My ultimate aspiration is to develop my own comprehensive component catalog, further elevating my website development capabilities.


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