E-commerce Website for Chandanni Organic Beauty & Wellness

Chandanni Organics is a brand that specializes in a diverse selection of clean beauty, organic skincare, and wellness products. Their offerings are meticulously crafted to holistically rejuvenate and nourish your body and mind, promoting natural healing.


Technologies Used



I embarked on a transformative journey, migrating the entire e-commerce website from one technology to Shopify. I planned to implement various essential components, including payment methods, a shipment system, and analytics.


With the aim of modernizing and rebranding the entire site, I played a dual role as both Web Designer and Developer. I handled the website markup (version 1) and organized the entire product catalog into categorized sections for easy navigation within the menu. Therefore I implemented the essential components previously mentioned.


The result of all these efforts was a modernized and rebranded website, featuring a user-friendly interface, an organized product catalog, essential components such as payment methods and shipment systems, and comprehensive analytics. The website successfully achieved its goal of providing a seamless and engaging experience for users, while effectively promoting the brand’s offerings.

I knew it would be a formidable challenge, but I embraced it with determination and successfully accomplished the task at hand.


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